Aposthate – Catharsis/Raebellion

Aposthate are a three-piece band from Sicily and Catharsis/Raebellion is their second studio album. The band initially played black-death metal brew but shifted towards brutal death metal on their second record, retaining the anti-religious, violent and horrific themes for music. Still, when you hear the record you start questioning whether they have moved anywhere at all.

You see, the problem with this record for me personally is not the music, which is OK. It's the production that leaves a lot of questions. The band definitely plays a good brew of brutal death metal that is executed at a very good level. Nothing spectacular but quite precise and really evil – just the type of music you want to pop in your ears when stuck on a metro station or in a traffic jam during rush hour. But it SOUNDS like black metal. It seems like the band didn't want to switch from their initial sound, while changing their music. And as a result we get brutal death metal with screaming high frequency guitars, chugging bass and slapping drums – a sound that you will hear on a typical 90's black metal album. Of course, it has already become a kind of fetish, but c'mon! You just can't play brutal death metal and make it sound like a black metal record, because it sounds like rubbish! Don't get me wrong, I'm not to be too hard on these guys, but there are still some standards of sound in the music and it's 2010, people! Sure, some of you may say that metal is not about standards and so on, but when it comes to the type of music you play, there really are some rules that the bands should follow. And one of them is to make a brutal death metal album sound like a real brutal death metal album.

If guys from Aposthate take some time to re-master this record it may turn out much better than it is now. Let's say it was an unsuccessful experiment with sounds and hope that the band will learn on this experience to make a much better album in the future.

1. Betrayed, Victim, Deviated
2. City Of Bloody Flames
3. Catharsis/Raebellion
4. Curses From Backdrop Of Kedron
5. Iconoclastic Legion
6. Plague Around The Cross
TAF Production
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 1, 2010

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