Ara - The Blessed Sleep

Technicality in death metal is something that more or less goes along with the term, and of course has many variations. Technical death metal itself has a wild complexity range, from ultra technical themes, to just themes that are a bit above from being named as simple. And of course as time passes by the technical range gets wider and wider and so the question is not how far it will go, but how far you can go as a listener. Ara is an American band that is a newborn in the scene but the members seem to have a lot of experience in death metal, as most of them are already playing or were playing in other bands as well. They describe themselves as a technical death metal band, but do not expect a band that only knows how to produce technicality, without groove, just demonstrating everyone's skills. Ara's music is technical but also manages to balance well between brutality and groove (it is a brutal tech death metal band so when we say groove, don't expect Six Feet Under) making the whole result easy to listen! The members are skillful players so, obviously the result when the matter comes to performance is more than overwhelming.

After a short bass intro the whole beating starts. Definitely fans of Immolation, Morbid Angel and partially Hate Eternal but without the exaggeration in speed of Hate Eternal and without having too much complex song structures. Their songs have all the elements a brutal death metaler wants to listen. From the ultra heavy blasting storms, to the atmosphere created by a swirling riff, followed by super fast double kick drum and a growler just ripping his throat off. The production of this whole massacre is on a high level, allowing every instrument to be heard clearly. Everything has it's place in this first release of the ravagers from Milwaukee. "The blessed Sleep", which is the name of this EP, is the best way to start a band's discography. If the continuation is as expected, we will be talking about a very promising technical, brutal death metal band.

The only thing that worries me is that, their technicality might jam their record a bit. I mean it might be my opinion, but once this EP finished, I was full. I thought that this amount of complex, technical playing was all I could take from a record. Of course this might turn into a personal matter, and how much someone can take, which leads us back to the upper lines when we were talking about complex themes and stuff like that, so I will just stick with what I listened here, and I will just say that "The Blessed Sleep", is a must listen, for all the fans of extreme and brutal death metal. A very promising first EP, from a band that seems to have a bright future in the scene. So catch up with them and try to follow their lead brutalerzzzz!

  1. Entitled Ascension
  2. Demise Of Reason
  3. The Blessed Sleep
  4. Despair Personified
  5. Abyssal Banishment

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 3, 2013
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