Arallu - Geniewar

Out of the depths of Jerusalem Arallu is a 3 piece outift who have been around since 1997(started then as only a one man band) their 2015 album "Geniewar" is their 15th recorded work but I believe is their 8th full length with all else being a mish mash of dvd,demo and tape releases with a few EPs here and there as well.Their debut album in full titled "The War On The Wailing Wall" was released released in 1999.

Arallu is no ordinary band and it's members have not lived ordinary lives nor has their music come out from regular everyday circumstances. To give you the reader an idea of what these guys have been through and still be able to come out on top with quality metal ,here's a glimpse of what this band i capable of which no other that I know of would have been so strong -During Sept 2013 Arallu's founder and frontman,  Butchered's brother, Beni Daniel, was kidnapped and held for ransom by Columbian guerilla's  Butchered flew to Columbia to successfully negotiate his brother's release after 102 days of incarceration. This experience brought the inspiration for ARALLU's third album released in 2004 and their song "SIERRA NEVADA" birthed out from it.

Arallu certainly have a ton of weight under their belt and they hold strong and keep forging on.  This 2015 album "Geniewar" keeps along the same vein of past albums meaning that it is filled with war and hate. Very assertive in nature,fast pace ,heavy and very hard hitting. This album is a chaotic tango,beautiful and brutal. The lead guitar work is what makes these tracks stand out. While all instruments are thrashing brutal chaos the lead guitar every now and then jumps in clear and sharp at a slower speed sounding very ethnic folk in nature which sort of lends a very different change up to the atmosphere of this album. These tracks are powerful and very dark,very black metal with strong elements of thrash blended in. I must admit that at first I was not 100% sure how I felt and would feel about this album but such awesome classical torturous metal sound and vibe such as found in the 5th track "Coronation" totally won me over especially with that spout of evil laughter midway through. I also found in this track as with the rest of this album I really loved the rhythm change overs fluxing throughout the tracks and the haunting high pitched screams which occur here and there bringing back that old 80's dark thrash ambiance. Love the deep throat gut induced vocals very old school so very utterly metal it gives that metal bleeds through my soul and sweats out my pores feeling -love it !

This album's cover art is also a superb work which does and doesn't hold to black metal stereotype. Considering at first I thought that I would give this album a low rating am surprising myself and bestowing a full 5/5 stars for this one. This is a must for any metalhead's collection.

  1. Evil Finest
  2. From The Desert To The Ice
  3. Bloodshed Around
  4. Powerslave (cover Iron Maiden)
  5. Coronation
  6. Metal Troops 666
  7. Giv'at HaTachmoshet
  8. Underworld Resistance
  9. Tzook Eitan
  10. Hayalim Almonim