Arallu - The Demon From The Ancient World

Arallu is a satanic war machine from the holy land israel. Nice paradox, huh? Black metal and still with the Slayer high screams... Tempo of the songs is high but with breaks. It is not the standard black metal but they have the mesopotamian melody in the guitars. But I don't like the sound of the guitars although I like the melodies. You can also find some thrash influences in the songs. So after hearing it a few times you discover the diversity of the songs and you appreciate this album.

1. Dingir Xul
2. The Devil's Massacre
3. The Dead Will Rise Again
4. War Spirit
5. Battleground
6. Sierra Nevada
7. The Seven Chosen Genii
8. The Sumerian Words
9. Kill Kill Kill
10. Tzvaot Arallu
Epidemie Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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