Arallu - The War On The Wailing Wall

From 1999 this disc shows an extreme black metal acht with death influences and hellish screams. Arallu comes from Israel and claims to be real warriors because of the living danger that meet every day living in Jerusalem. That fury can be found in the songs. Hyper fast drums, raging guitars and aggressive vocals (with some great high vocal screams). The songs have tempo changes to make them accesable to the black masses. Surely worth a try!

1. Arallu's warriors
2. Sword of death
3. Morbid shadow
4. Warriors of hell
5. Mesopotamian genie
6. Barbarian bloodshed
7. Satanic birth in jerusalem
8. Messenger of evil world
9. My hell10. Satan's war
11. Kill the traitor
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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