Arch Enemy - Burning Bridges

Alright, well this album is a great follow up from "Stigmata" (1998), but it lacks the heaviness of that their predecessor dishes out.  Yes, it does this, but that doesn't make it a not so phenomenal release.  Too many people, after they heard "Burning Bridges", gave it a lot of negative press and I heard a lot complaints.  That would be such as the production not being thick enough, the leads were half-assed, and some guitar parts are just merely monotonous.  The hell with that because there are some riffs on this release, especially the chorus of the song "Pilgrim", which makes my arm hair standup just to hear it.

I agree that there will be no more "Stigmata" for the band.  But like releases because that one is almost impossible for them to ever duplicate.  But they didn't give up like At The Gates did after "Slaughter of the Soul" (1995). Sit down and listen, Arch Enemy has tons of material on here I think you'll learn to respect over time.  To those metal guitarists, they are in B-tuning on here.  That makes the music sound heavier and more brutal.  However, this album remains to pull off melodic riffs with Johan not drowing out the riffs.  Michael Amott coached Johan through the release to this album.  His vocals go hand in hand with the songs quite well.

Check out the songs "The Immortal", "Pilgrim", "Dead Inside" and "Silverwing."  These, to me, are my personal favorite tracks.  The later version of this release contains live songs, both new and old.  The bonus CD features 17 tacks in all and runs for about 75 minutes in-length altogether.  They are still able to pull off great the melodic riffs captured on their live songs.  Definitely a good thing.

A lot of the lyrics and sounds of it reveal dark depression some of us humans go throughout every day of our lives.  To connect with that type of melancholy is great when you're really in that type of mood or maybe not?  Nevertheless, "Burning Bridges" offers variety in songwriting style with no blast beating, but just great overall melodic death all the way through.  They have a bonus track on here by Iron Maiden entitled "Aces High."

Johan Liiva, their previous vocalist,  puts for I think his best vocal effort ever for Arch Enemy, making it that much easier to get into.  Plus, it fits the music much better than say on the first Arch Enemy release entitled "Black Earth" (1996).  The regular release of "Burning Bridges" isn't that track lengthy, but cherish every song because it will not let you down with just mediocre melodic death metal.  Come on, this is Arch Enemy we are speaking of, they are giants within their own genre.  Own it, now.

1. The Immortal
2. Dead Inside
3. Pilgrim
4. Silverwing
5. Demonic Science
6. Seed Of Hate
7. Angelclaw
8. Burning Bridges

Nuclear Blast
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 8, 2010
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