Arch - Uroboros

Arch (U.S.A.) deliver us a style of rock which is both subtle and in your face. Build on a basis of heavy guitarriffing and dynamical drumming there's created a lot of room for a unique and loose approach towards song writing. Vocals are firm but also carry an obscure kind of emotion into the music with intelligent vocal lines and philosophical lyrical themes. Songs are perfectly fitted into a wall of solid (blues)rock with a lot of side steps into guitar oriented riffing and dual lead parts without loosing the intitial aim for pure power.

1. the march
2. ruled by thieves
3. darkness reminds me
4. the whirlwind
5. one by one
6. orion's arm
7. call to arms
8. escape the genocide
9. war criminal
10. all you need
11. turn off
4 Walls Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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