Archaic - Time Has Come To Envy The Dead

This is the debut album from Hungarian thrash metal devotees Archaic, released in 2006. From the start, it's a full-blown thrash attack, with a stirring and dramatic intro which then launches into some great gut-wrenching thrashing in the form of 'True Death of Life'. All the classic elements are there - razor-sharp riffs, well-played and fluid solos and gruff vocals, along with healthy doses of fast, pounding drumming. This album also boasts a surprisingly good production, with all instruments clear and precise! I was going to list standout tracks, but all the songs are well-written and stand up in their own right. Musically this reminds me a great deal of classic Testament and Sepultura, with the sharp,aggressive riffing, and rough-throated bellowing of vocalist Laszlo Puski particularly reminiscent of Max Cavalera and also the Onslaught vocalist on 'Power From Hell' in my opinion. The band also sneak in a few musical references to their part of Europe with some exotic scales creeping into the riffing, and are not afraid to try something different - tracks like 'Cornu' and 'Woodland Of The Black Treasury' have a darker, doomier edge to them and break the album up nicely.

On the whole, this album is not greatly original but extremely enjoyable - it contains a lot of great, classic, thrash metal with a few extra elements. The vocals may grate a little after a while, but in my view it's an album worth persevering with.

1. Awakening
2. True Death Of Life
3. Toxic Nightmare
4. The Archer
5. Cornu
6. Eternal War
7. Memories
8. Thank You!
9. Tormentor (cover Tormentor)
10. Woodland Of The Black Treasury
VIC Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 5, 2009
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