Architect - Ghost Of The Saltwater Machines

Architect is a band from the States that are having only a MySpace page. When you visit and you read the blogs you see that they don't have any money and they do suck on corporate dicks. But how can you combine these two when their latest release is out on Metal Blade? The band rose from the ashes of the acts Found Dead Hanging and Syracuse Heroes and Word As A Virus. To be honest I don't know any of these bands but as it is a Metal Blade I was curious as it could be something good. But call me a nitwit but after a few spinning round this albums gets me furious itching. First of all the shouter is really driving me mad. He cannot growl, sing or scream but forces his cords to the max. But still it is something which distracts me. Musically it are hardcore down tuned songs with thick slow sloppy guitars. But even the musical parts connot judge me so I will end this review before I melt it down totally and leave a postive comment for someone who is into this kind of music.

Written for AEA Zine #15

1. Camelot In Smithereens
2. Uninventing The Wheel
3. Lamplighter
4. Death And Taxes
5. Casus Belli
6. I Am Become Death
7. House Of 1000 Habeus Corpses
8. The Dog And Pony Show
9. Traitor

Black Market Activities
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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