Architect Of Seth - The Persistence Of Scars

This is French technical death metal, the usual modern show of fast dynamics, whirlwind guitar wizardry and tight rhythms that verge on older thrash styles in certain places. First impressions are of nothing that out of the ordinary, I mean there are quite a few bands doing this thing, for what it is, it’s cool, but I have to say I am wandering from consciousness every now and again. By this I mean it’s the arrangements. Being sporadic is all well and good but some tracks like ‘Hybrid Consuming Flesh’ lose their vigour by going overtly technical with random piano pieces seemingly killing the flow of the track. But there is some justice here don’t get me wrong, ‘Transhumance Astrale’ is much earthier, whilst still being technical, it has more meat on the bone, a deeper soul from the musicians guts rather than coming from their lightning speed extremities.

They are masters of their instruments, but I don’t get to have any connection to the tracks. They are arranged somewhat chaotically which might sit well with D-jent fans or purists of technical death metal, but not with me personally.  But it would be unfair to rate any lower, even though I don’t like the songs per say, because the musicianship is spectacular in places with the band trying to incorporate acoustic guitars, piano/keyboards into their style. However, as a complete package you may have to spend many times replaying this one to gain any sense of clarity. It’s simply too sporadic for its own good, but it is very much technically proficient.

  1. LFDY
  2. Engender Of Confusion 
  3. Transhumance Astrale 
  4. Embrace Of Anguish 
  5. Hybrid Consuming Flesh  
  6. Tears Empty Of Sadness  
  7. Teacher Of Nocturna