Armageddon - Necromantic Celebration

Not to be confused with another French band of the same name, this is the black/thrash variant a one man band show featuring musician Silvere Catteau. With one man bands I always feel cheated, after all, such a creative force in the studio cannot possibly do a live show and recreate the same sort of energy. But in this case, the energy from the infantile moments of ‘Pact With Darkness’ breathes life and pretty much the same energy that you get with any band in this genre. ’The Shadow Of The Beast’ marks a typical but fulfilling focal point of the album and in latter stages of the album blues scaled riffing gives way to a more Satyricon latter day styled effort, like that on ‘Killing Grounds’, this brings the much darker elements to the sound. I am actually humbled, usually one man bands, especially of this genres style tend to be unimaginative and senseless, however, there is something good about this, it just fits, it works. One of the main aspects of this for me is that Silvere can actually play the entire instrument collective well. There are zero sloppy half assed techniques on offer, no matter how hard he tries to be kvlt, you hear a cool level of professional talent.

The closing track is a Running Wild cover ‘Branded & Exiled’ that is suitable rasped up, although in the grand scheme of the rest of the album, musically it actually fits, even though those jolly rogers never had an intention on playing blackened thrash metal, at least with such a harsh vocal anyway! Armageddon works, its raw but gives the fan a treat by bearing able to execute the strong harsh arrangements with precision and a full-fledged honest blackened thrash tirade.


  1. Necromantic Celebration
  2. Pact With Darkness
  3. The Shadow Of The Beast
  4. I Am Your Torment
  5. The Curse Of Akhmenra
  6. Killing Grounds
  7. The Serpent Kings Returns
  8. Haunting The Grave
  9. Evil Inside Of Me
  10. Branded And Exiled (cover Running Wild)