Arroganz - Kaos.Kult.Kreation

And after all, the time came for me to think. Cos brothers and sisters of the extreme, music isn't all about partying after all. Sometimes a band comes out of the blue and hits you with their blackened death metal tunes, and kind of sets your clock differently! This is the effect a band as Arroganz can have on you, after days of continuous porno grind sessions! They come from Germany and their aspect of extremity, is death metal, with many black elements, which automatically turn their whole music into more atmospheric and dark. Arroganz definitely play music that will haunt you in your most livid hours. It is an expression that will bring out the worst of you. It will expose you, and make your nihility range extend. And if there is no nihility in you I am sure it will do the job alone!

"Kaos.Kult.Kreation" is their second full length and I believe it is their physical continuation as a band since 2011 and "Dark And Deathless". Their skill to turn negativity into music has grown and now in age 2013, you will see the product of this ability dominate your whole essence! This new full length consists of 11 tracks-hums to the dark, and has a total length of 59 minutes. That's right, 59 minutes of extreme music, filled with tunes that flirt the dark side! A total brainwash is what this is! No fun and no party time here. Of course the 59 minutes of its length are of no importance cos you will see how, easily a whole hour can pass by without you noticing it. This shit sinks you into a vortex it creates and it just won't let go!

Don't get mislead by expressions as 'dark' and 'atmospheric'. This new second full length of the ravagers from Germany is as extreme as it gets. Fully blasted, with razor sharp guitars, a properly performed bass line and excellent nightmare-ish vocals! On the brutal side of course but mostly doubled with a shriek line that gives this hell-ish aura! The songs are all individual doom bringers. Arroganz seem to have an extraordinary awesome skill in song composition. I've listened to this stuff over and over again trying to find the xtra riff or a missing riff or something that would feel like it wasn't meant to be, but the search ended up as a big failure. Even the song succession is perfect. This precision in the song succession along with the extreme black-death metal these guys play, are responsible for this aura "Kaos.Kult.Kreation" creates! It is like a soul possessing device. Once it starts it captures your soul and you just won't stop until it is finished, and when it ends, you find yourself with no smile on your face and no grin of stupidity hangin on your teeth! Just thoughts, dark and wrathful.

It takes time to get them out of your head and trust me, I think you don't want them out. The thing with Arroganz is that this atmosphere they create brings out a specific warmth within. Once the first hearing is over, you'll feel all the bullshit, I've been talking about, but you will also want to play it again. Surreal isn't it? Well, a try will convince you. After all, it never killed anyone!



1. Blood Ceremony
2. Mankind Is A Dying Whore
3. Ghost Of The Wolf
4. kaos.kult.kreation
5. Crush Their Temple
6. Through Nightmares Into Black
7. Beyond Slavery
8. Spirits Bleed
9. Verderber
10. Demand The Dark
11. Praise The Kult

Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 11, 2013

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