Artery Eruption - Driving My Fist Through Her Chest

I have always been a fan of these guys ever since we played with them in Chicago when my own band had just a few demos out. I have to say, live, these guys kick major fuckin` ass!! It's absolutely Slammin', Pulverising, everything  you want your brutal death metal to be!! They even had legendary skinsman, Jon Engman (Brodequin, Lituargy), behind the drums which could only be a recipe for brutality heaven! But album by album these guys release, it gets worse sounding. I whole heartedly never understood why because like I say
this guys fucked shit up in Chicago and it sounded fantastic! But whatever it is, it doesn't translate well in the studio. Now I know these guys thrive on gore, the sick and the depraved and I gotta say I'm a fan of that so. But it has worn a little bit thin. Although it is quite funny to hear that slut sayin "give me those cocks, one in the pink and one in the stink!!" hahah but that doesnt make it a good CD.

I will say there are some killer slam riffs in this CD but it is completely overshadowed but the horrible production. Underneath the production, I can hear some cool tunes which are pit ready and I can see an already swirling pit in my head but I know that these guys had line up problems and the dude that I seen out front on guitar and vocals in Chicago, is now the drummer which I don't think is a benefit to them but kudos to them for getting on with it and keeping the band going. My favourite tracks on the album are "Nutting All Over Your Distorted, Downsyndrome Face" and "Beat The Fuck Out Of That Worthless Bitch" which have some lethal breakdowns but it all becomes abit monotonous.

Now to alot of folk, people will say these guys are a "Devourment-clone" band but they aren't at all, if anything they are a homage to them but I still believe they need the right production and mix to do the band justice! All the tones on all instruments are awful, and bass is non exsistent in the mix whilst the drums being triggered to hell and super loud and at times quite badly played but it does have some cool moments. Like I said earlier, I am a fan of this band, have been for years but unfortunately I gotta tell it like is. C'mon guys ya can do better than this!!!

1. Swarmed by Mosquitos Placing Larvae Into Your Cranium to Slowly Develop Into Maggots Feasting on Facial Tissues 
2. Nutting All Over Your Distorted, Downsyndrome Face 
3. Utilize All Holes
4. Strangled with Her Semen-Crusted Thong 
5. I Shit Preemies 
6. D.C.D.W.N.K.C. 
7. Beat the Fuck Out of That Worthless Bitch 
8. Suddenly Vaginal 
9. Hate, Rape, Mutilate 
10. Driving My Fist Through Her Chest 
11. Outro

Sevared Records
Reviewer: Connor
Feb 24, 2010

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