Asarmoth / Living Decomposition – Alliance In Chaos

What we have here is a split collection of two very different styles of death metal. The first four tracks are from Italy’s one man death metal band Asarmoth with tons of symphonic influences, and the last five are from Venezuela’s three piece more technical death metal group Living Decomposition. Both track groupings are featured on previous albums by both bands so there isn’t too much new here.

Asarmoth does feature at least 2 new tracks with ‘Erszebet’ and ‘Into The Depths Of Hell’ which are raw, clunky yet groove laden death metal pieces that stay true to his style. While the production is very raw and certainly not as polished as some may like, the live, grim feel of the music can certainly be appreciated. The early Septicflesh influences are present with the heavy keyboard work, and on the alternate version of tracks like ‘Mesmerized’ Asarmoth takes things a step further with a sci-fi 80s tone to the music, making things sound a bit more spacey but retaining that dark and grim tone. It is very mystical and enjoyable, so newcomers will definitely get a solid taste of what this group is about.

Living Decomposition is a complete 180 from what Asarmoth is. Still raw, uncompromising death metal, while Asarmoth had the faded out vocals and fuzzy guitar tones, Living Decomposition has fuzzy, percussive drums, very much in the way that early Vital Remains did their drum style. It might be a bit too raw for true technical death metal fans to really get hooked into things (true they are not Archspire, but one can still appreciate the raw tones of the music). The guttural vocals are more slam laden than death and overall on a track like ‘As Heavens Burst Into Flame’ or ‘Trepidation’ the faster pace is sure to induce head banging and be pit starters at the shows. There is some softness to Living Decomposition with their brief interlude of ‘Human Induced Hecatomb,’ but it still doesn’t reach the symphonic scale of Asarmoth.

Overall, both groups have very demo like quality, which show promise, but those looking for more polished modern death metal might turn away from this. Despite this, there is quite a bit from both bands that show promise for a solid future in the death metal world.

3 / 5 STARS

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara

Dec 13, 2021

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Asarmoth / Living Decomposition – Alliance In Chaos

review Asarmoth / Living Decomposition - Alliance In Chaos

1. Asarmoth - Erszebet
2. Asarmoth - Into The Depths Of Hell
3. Asarmoth - Princess Of The Darkness (alt. version)
4. Asarmoth - Mesmerized (alt. version)
5. Living Decomposition - As Heavens Burst Into Flame
6. Living Decomposition - Trepidation
7. Living Decomposition - Internal Defragmentation
8. Living Decomposition - Human Induced Hecatomb
9. Living Decomposition - Planetary Morbid Slayer


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