Ascendancy - Rise Of A Dead Empire

Ascendancy is a brutal and extreme band from the USA. Working very hard and totally independent to conquer the scene. These songs hide a complex brutality and are exposed in short and long songs. Killing in each song is the furious technical guitarriffing. According the riffs I expected some insane and diabolic leads but they never came. Deep and brutal vocals and hammering drums. In track 5 there is a strange drumsolo which is not steady all the time. Together with the artwork this is a own product to be proud off. Check it out yourself if you are in brutal death metal.

1. Darkness Within
2. Conquering The Inferior
3. Habitual Killing
4. Evisceral Battery
5. Forever Desensitized
6. Reign Above All
7. My Blood Upon You
8. World Of Deceit
9. No Fear With A Deathwish
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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