Ascension Of The Watchers - Numinosum

Maybe none of you ever heard of this band but when I tell you that the man behind this band is Burton C. Bell you know it. Burton was the vocalist of Fear Factory and did also lent his voice to Ministry. Now Fear Factory and Ministry are combining factor as the bass is done by John Bechdel (both bands) and the album is produced with Al Jourgenson who is also doing some guest vocals. Album released on the label of Al himself.

So enough lets listen to the music. Ascension Of The Watchers aint metal at all, Burton is showing the opposite side of his Fear Factory era. This album is ambient, electronic and atmospheric. Burton is singing with a clean voice with more or less shy intonation or humble whispering. Guitars that can be accoustic or even sounding bit spacey in a bit of hypnotic rhythms.

Ascension Of The Watchers is absolutly no Fear Factory clone or continuation but more an album you put on when coming home late at night. Relaxing is the key word.

1. Ascendant
2. Evading
3. Residual Presence
4. Canon For My Beloved
5. Moonshine
6. Mars Becoming
7. On The River
8. Violet Morning
9. Like Falling Snow10. Sounds Of Silence (cover Simon and Garfunkel)
11. Quintessence
13th Planet Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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