Asgrauw – Gronspech

With a couple of full lengths already under their belts this Dutch black metal outfit launches their third album of retro blackened filth that sees the band taking their influences from a quarter of a century ago and to excellent effect creating a snarling, slavering villainous album with curious album art and very atypical to what you’d expect from the scene generally which I’ll leave at that and let you look for yourself. What strikes you immediately with the album is the abrasive guitar sound which scours throughout the album but is tempered by the backing keyboard arrangements which add texture without diluting the aggression overtly as 'Plétsmajoor' begins the release. Ardent fans of early Dimmu Borgir, pre "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" will enjoy this album as it has that balance between stark primitiveness and melodic bleakness as the blasting forays are subtly incorporated whilst the vocals are acerbic and caustically delivered.

The bereft guitar riff that initiates 'Sgoer' oozes melancholy with the backing effects being mournful and charismatic the track has an aura of despondency made even more so with the distant wails and tortured vocal emanations before the song abruptly bursts into life with its blast beat ferocity which are intermittently placed. The sweeping double bass salvos are perfectly placed transforming the song into a very catchy tune that had me thinking about the very early works of Enslaved, and I mean early here. That inherent catchiness continues into 'Duu.Velsbé.Rreg' which has superb dynamics with driving momentum and pernicious vocals. The fluidised drumming is excellent too as the track runs through waves of half blasts and double kick incursions that enable the listener to completely immerse themselves in as I did.

It would be easy to categorise this album as lacking ingenuity due to it residing within a black metal genre from 25 plus years ago but the impassioned song writing and formidable dexterity of the songs on show are substantial as 'Duitenpact' clearly showcases that innate ability to write primeval black metal songs that possess vitriol and ambition yet stay within the confines of what black metal is all about without plagiarising. It is the melodic nature of the songs that I particularly adore about this album, yet it still brandishes wrath and virulence as on 'Zwotte Ruïne' which detonates on its arrival with a chaotic maelstrom blasting before switching into that melodic poise the band cultivate so productively and if you crave the halcyon days of melodic black metal from the early to mid 90s then you really should pick this album up as Asgrauw live and breathe the genre perfectly.

  1. Plétsmajoor
  2. Wolvenbloe.d
  3. Sgoer
  4. Duu.velsbé.rreg
  5. Kiste Trui
  6. Duitenpact
  7. Galgehei.j
  8. Zwotte Ruïne
  9. Grafwè.gen

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 17, 2018
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