Asgrauw - Krater

Back during the grim winter of 2010 the Netherlands gave birth to a 3 piece black metal outfit titled Asgrauw who have graced us with their old school straight up and raw vibrations ever since and we feeble human scum should ever be so grateful that they did.

Not sure is Asgrauw are pure do it yourself attitude nice musicians or pure elitists whom feel that nobody could do it better than they haha.

I say this due to the fact that this band prefer to create their master pieces entirely on their one and "Krater" is a fine example. This album is certainly a pure creation by Asgrauw for the band not only composed it's tracks but also recorded and mixed this album and the result is pretty impressive indeed.

This is an aggressive, raw album yet holds tons of melody and carries a very strong emotional atmosphere. All lyrics are in Dutch and if you don't understand the language,it really doesn't matter the music will speak to you. There is a coldness in this album which hits directly to the core giving it a real early to mid 90s European black metal vibe. The tormented gremlin like vocals really bring the sound of "Krater" all together and love the pounding tangy drum hits along with the distorted rhythm which allows a leakage of clear  blistering notes to come through when needed and of course what I term as being the muffled chilled bass sound gives a foundation to this album's core. I love that this is not a polished work and that with "Krater" Asgrauw hold true to an authentic black metal sound.

There is definitely an undertone influence here  of greats such as Sargeist and Horna and if you love that style of black you definitely will fall deep for Asgrauw and their second album "Krater". Check it out!

  1. Krater
  2. Sluimerende Dood
  3. Branie
  4. Natuurgeweld
  5. Verdoemenis
  6. Littekens Der Verwoesting
  7. Deken Des Doods
  8. Achterland
  9. Tot Stof Vergaan
  10. Ondergang