Asilent - Recalibrated Chaos

When you have names like Fleshgrinder on the bass and a Soulless Cadaver behind the drums in your band, most probably you don't play happy sing-a-long metal. And of course Asilent from Singapore are playing brutal death metal which in their case means nonstop blastbeats, frantic guitar riffing and guttural vocals.

"Recalibrated Chaos" is the debut EP of the band and what it offers is a total of seven tracks death metal brutality. The Soulless Cadaver totally destroys his drum-kit proving that he may not have a soul but the grinding rhythm is in his blood. Unfortunately the drums' sound is too loud in the mix which is the reason why the guitars are sometimes deafened by the severe beating. Although I must admit that this is not such a loss - Thoracic's riffs are far from innovative and interesting. Psyclown (now that's a funny name) is holding the mic but his vocals are monotonous and after a while they become really boring. And this is the main problem of the whole "Recalibrated Chaos" EP - sure Asilent have the potential and the passion but all their tracks sound similar to one another and this is not useful if you want to get recognition in the endless sea of Suffocation and Devouerment worshippers. Asilent's next release should be better especially if it's released again by the obscure Scrotum Juice Records (a cult name again!). This EP is also released by Sevared Records.

1. Intro
2. Recalibrated Chaos
3. Impaled And Disposed
4. Preacher Of The Abomination
5. Damnation Amongst The Forsaken
6. Feast For The Beast
7. Prophecy Of The Omen
8. Devourer Destroyer