Asphyx – Death… The Brutal Way

Heavy as fuck!! This is the Asphyx return and we shouldn’t be more satisfied. Nine years after their last opus… seventy years after the classic masterpiece Last One On Earth: finally the True Asphyx Sound is back. Completely: the crushing ripping riffs, the mighty roar of Martin van Drunen, the raw and pounding drumming, the incredible atmosphere, sometimes doomy, sometimes violent, always macabre and dark. Listen to it and learn how to compose an headbanging manifesto like The Herald, a doom monster like Asphyx II, the dragging Scorbutics (this is an opening track!) and Eisenbahnmorser, the heavy Black Hole Storm… The standards are always really high, without any subsidence and without any weak track: a dream for many people but a real skill of few. The huge wall of sound created by their engineer Frank Klein Douwel and by Mr Dan Swano and the perfect production are the final touch for an album that will slowly kill your fleshes but that will quickly devour your soul. Unique as always: welcome back and thank you for this masterpiece.

1. Scorbutics
2. The Herald
3. Bloodswamp
4. Death The brutal Way
5. Asphyx II (They Died As They Marched)
6. Eisenbahnmorser
7. Black Hole Storm
8. Riflegun Redeemer
9. Cape Horn
10. The Saw, The Torture, The Pain
Century Media
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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