Astral Dive - Trauma

Astral Dive is a Italian band and as you might know a lot of Italian bands play power metal. So with Astrtal Dive another one can be add to that list. The band was founded in 2006 by four students for their love of the music and to create it themsleves. In 2008 they found a singer in the form of Chiara Manese. With her voice the band developed them in another more futuristic and atmospheric direction. This direction can be heard in this EP "Trauma".

Chiara is not only visual attractive but her soprano voice is also worth the bite. The concept is ofcourse nothing new but Astral Dive made a very nice EP. The songs are catchy, amtospheric, melodic and dramatic. The tension in the songs are their as the structure is right with the hooks and rough edges. Beside the piano/keyboard pieces the nice guitar leads complete the whole. Tempo of the songs vary and the 7:54 minute song "The Restless" is a ballad kinda song and for me the highlight of this EP.

Currently the band is working on their debut full length which will be a concept album. If they develop and put the bar a bit higher than Astral Dive will become well known in the progressive symphonic metal scene. Nice job.

1. Exp1
2. The Astral Dive
3. Gathering Of Lost Thoughts
4. The Restless
5. Land Of Unquestioned Answers

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 30, 2009

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