Atanab - Black Magic

'Black Magic' originally saw a release back in 2006; now it is being re-released on a different label for more of a widespread distribution. Aside from the new cover art (which isn't as good as the original), and three extra video clips, the album is exactly the same as before. So those who already know of this and have picked up a copy aren't really going to have much incentive to look it all over again. However, those who have never heard of this album- or the band- are in luck. Atanab merge black and death metal together in a raw, primal mixture that makes it feel like the 90s again; sometimes the production may get on listeners nerves, but the band is pretty good at keeping that cold and heavy feeling when it comes to the black metal such as on the opening track (some might compare it to Winterdemons or earlier Sargeist). The guitars are very fuzzy and the vocals high pitched shrieks of terror makes it perfect to set chills down one's spine. The drumming is also extremely interesting because on the black metal induced tracks it sounds like a beating on a hollow log, which sounds a lot better and more mystical than the typical drumming.

The more death metal inspired tracks (mixed with the shrieks and growls together so it sometimes feels like a Deicide album), features the typical drumming which is a lot louder than usual. While it is clearer, it also feels separate from the rest of the music so that kind of breaks apart the cohesive structure of the music altogether. However, it sounds a lot better to hear louder music when compared to the faded "Rites Of Death." Atanab also include a few instrumentals with their work. One is the title track which is more of an ambient nature piece that easily could have started off the album for much better placement. The other is the closing track "Born Of Blasphemy Soul..." which also features a few nature themed parts such as the crackling lightning, but the soft acoustic guitar- somewhat repetitive- is quietly eerie and very effective at creating a haunting atmosphere for which listeners can walk away with. Little bits like these go to show that black metal can be just as good when it is subtle rather than just hamering away like it does on the rest of the album. Overall, the music is pretty standard black metal with a few death influences thrown in, but it should appeal well enough to those who would prefer gritty static to mechanically perfect atmospheres.

  1. Is Sentence Of Satan (intro)
  2. Sons Of Evil
  3. Fury
  4. Nightmares With Him
  5. Rites Of Death
  6. Black Magic
  7. Witches Of The Jagua
  8. Alma Oscura
  9. Divine Sin
  10. Born Of Blasphemy Soul 1666

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jul 16, 2011
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