Atavism / Putrefied Genitalia - Split

Two bands from Greece on this split release out of 2005 on their own. The first 500 copies are sold out and the split has been re-released.

Atavism kicks of with some deep growling death metal grind. They been in the UG since 1997 and already released some material. On this split you get 7 brutal down tuned tracks. Gutteral vocals and heavy riffing guitars in fast songs. Enough breakdowns to midtempo pieces to keep the variation. Don't expect sophisticated stuff it is just scalping the bones.

Putrefied Genitalia pump 9 old school grind gore in your veins. Deep sound with utra growling vocals. More attention to the guitars with some catchy riffs. Tempo of the songs are most of the time nice and fast and containing groovy mid tempo pieces.

Concluding that this is well done split with two brutal UG bands. Try to get a copy of the repress.

1. Intro
2. Flesh Eater
3. Soul Embalmer
4. A Task Of Butchery
5. Post - Mortem Bloodshed
6. Silent Night, Bloody Night (Mortician Cover)
7. Unholy Embalment Of Seraphimic Cadaver (7"Ep 2002)
8. Hoggish (7"Ep 2002)

Putrefied Genitalia
1. Rectal Blast
2. Juicy Holes And Hairy Balls
3. Sexual Deviation
4. Liquidation
5. You Slut-Bad Luck
6. Uterine Carnage
7. My Obituary
8. Addicted To Carnal Delicacies
9. Charge
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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