Atman - L'Assassi De Venus

Atman play black metal, but not in the sense that most bands perform it today. While they hold true to their origins, honoring bands like Possessed, Venom, and Mayhem; Atman have also forged a musical identity of there own, setting themselves aside from the rest of the genere who choose to conform to the mold, with the exception of a strong few. Raw Old School Black Metal, with more of a melancholic feel to the music-as oppose to the chaos and icy confinment. Spanish Guitars also add a rather unique and nice touch to the material as well. This is a must have in your collection. Only for the true Black Metal enthusiast!!

1. L'Assassi De Venus
2. Orgull De Sang I Raca
3. El Triomf Dels Somnis Sobre La Vigilia
4. Quatre Flames Per Una Terra
5. Quan La Lluna Sent Nostalgia
6. Lluny Del Corriol
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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