Atman - No Recordaren A La Mort

This death/heavy metal duo from Barcelona release this, their 6th album over their 15 year history. The naming of the album and the tracks within follows their history of using Latinate/Italianate/French/Spanish words, to describe them. However, this differs by only being six shorter tracks long.

The heavy backbeat and full instrumental are both provided by the highly skilled drummer, Damastor, whilst Darshan provides not only the deep, growly vocals but also the bass and guitars, on the odd occasions they are heard that is. The album is different as it does not solely rely on string insturments to provide an atmospherically dark and deep instrumental. When including Darshan’s vocals the album hits the deeper darker sides of the metal track in a diffident way, underscoring at times the drummer with the cacophonous and relentless bass and guitar interludes (or so they seem).

This album is different in that the drummer is the prominent voice within it. The vocals are deep and steady throughout, and only a few songs seem to rely primarily on the strings, which allows a deeper quality in not found in some other bands.

  1. No Recordarem A La Mort
  2. Oda Al Vent
  3. Molt Auspicios
  4. El Pic De L’Infern
  5. L’anyor Dels Xpirers
  6. Sang De Tardor

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 20, 2011

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