Atomwinter – Iron Flesh

Germany has some excellent classic old school death metal bands, many have been reviewed here by myself, Atomwinter are a new bunch of souls that putrefy your insides by the sheer power of their style. A touch of Sweden, US/Florida and from their native lands just for that added spice of undead life. Tempos vary from the doomy gloom and Autopsy/Asphyx-isms to the Swedish assault of Unleashed and more recently Bloodbath. Heritage when done right is perfect, this ticks most boxes and is much more than a sound alike band.

‘Tank Brigade’ is a fulfilling assault, battling forward with its intense delivery and startling riffing that you simply must uncover from the overall sound to really appreciate what is going on. ‘Morser’ starts with a juggernaut assault of speed that slows down to a battle anthem crawl later in the track, becoming immensely heavy and downright nasty, the filth and the fury perfectly balanced. Although we have a rotten sound, it’s not the most modern, it has that eerie echo to it like some of the trailblazers and when the vocals start to get more aggressive rather than too guttural, the songs really refer me to the pre-Death/Mantas period for stylistic annihilation.

Old school with an old school feel, the sound is not too overdriven and boosted, it has a perfect balance via the mix. The songs, don’t labour on one tempo or theme, they vary quite a bit making this a very entertaining and interest death metal release and a band that’s now risen to be fully on my radar based on this ripping ‘Iron Flesh’ album.

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Oct 17, 2015

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Atomwinter – Iron Flesh

  1. Mother Of War  
  2. Bloodcult  
  3. Mörser  
  4. Beheaded  
  5. Tank Brigade  
  6. Silencer  (Instrumental)
  7. Iron Flesh  
  8. Purify The Spawn  
  9. Another Pain

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