Atrexial – Souverain

Atrexial are a new project hailing from Spain. A three piece which have delivered a truly special debut album.

While there is no shortage of bands that walk the line between death and black metal it’s a real challenge to decide which of the two Atrexial really lean towards. They really take the best of both worlds and blend all the elements together of driving riffs and pummeling drums while intertwining morbid melodies with well thought out song writing and have made a wonderfully dark atmospheric album. The really is another worldly feel to the album.

While the album shreds with the rest tracks like “The hideous veil of Innocence” hypnotize and lure in rather than attack the listener. While there are subtle similarities throughout I can’t think of a single band Atrexial sound like. I could mention mid- era Bathory or Behemoth, Sulphur Aeon or even Canadian Black Metallers Forteresse but none would really give you a proper idea of how the band sounds. What I can tell you is that when they are heavy they are vicious but when the melodic section of “Under the scourge of Lamashtu” comes in towards the end of the track it becomes very apparent that there is something different with this band. The end of “The ominous Silence” has this great little quiet piece that just takes you elsewhere. Also short instrumental pieces like “Trinity” and “Eternal” aren’t just floaty piece to fill up time they are actually great pieces of music. Lastly, the Hellraiser samples littered throughout provide the perfect finishing touch! In fact there you have it, imagine in Hellraiser 2 when they go into the Cenobite Dimension…… well imagine a metal soundtrack for that!

Wow, it’s not often I’m lost for words but this is the best debut album of the year so far for me. All I can say is if you are looking for an album that is different, that takes repeated listens and explores many different corridors of sound without drifting off into some pretentious hipster shit show. If you want an album that you can spend time on and get lost within then look no further.

A unique, deliciously atmospheric piece of blackened death metal.

  1. Enthronement
  2. The Hideous Veil Of Innocence
  3. Under The Scourge Of Lamashtu
  4. Catharsis Through Torment
  5. Unmerciful Imperial Majesty
  6. Illuminatur
  7. The Ominous Silence
  8. Ascension
  9. Shadows Of The Nephilim Throne
  10. Trinity
  11. Souverain
  12. Eternal

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 26, 2017

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