Atritas - Celestial Decay

When I got the album "Medium Antigod" back in 2007 from the Swiss band Atritas I liked it mainly because of the squeezed high vocals. So when I received their third full lengt "Celestial Decay" I was curious if they were still there.

When the bombastic intro starts the opening track "(Sacrifical) Devil Worship's Psalmody" falls in at a high speed. And yes when the vocals begin the high squeezed vocals are there. But ofcourse their black metal is not only build around the vocals or depending. Atritas create songs that are mainly fast tempo with break downs with a good sense of melody and symphony. Beside the blast beats with double bass, the guitars are not shriek riffing but creating venomous and hypnotic rhythms.

With "Celestial Decay"Atritas delivered a very nice album that show well thought, well composed and structured songs. And together with the good sound production this is a release worth the taste. For me Atritas is one of the top black metal bands from Swiss.

1. Ultimate Downfall (Intro)
2. (Sacrifical) Devil Worship's Psalmody
3. Gnosis - A Religious Wasteland
4. Memorium Magicus
5. All Celestial - Ruins & Ashes
6. Blasphemic Madness
7. Peste Sacrale - Sang Pour La Vie Eternelle
8. His Presence - Satanic Divinty
9. Schizophrenia In Death
10. Divine Apocalyptic Gloom - Endtime's Dawn

CCP Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 30, 2009

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