Atritas - Medium Antigod

This band hails from Switzerland and is releasing their latest blasphemy called "Medium Antigod". The band started around 1997 and plays symphonic black metal. Don't get frightened reading symphonic as the keyboards are not on the forground and you don't get orchestral symphonies. The symphonic term can be put into the melody throughtout the songs. The album starts with an intro that is instrumental and with keyboards. It is not original and so there is not much excitement to be expected. But when the track

1. Psychosomatic Gallery
2. Earthbound Suicide
3. Medium Antigod
4. Obtained Orphanage
5. Massacre Pour Une Ballade
6. Ravenous And Devilish
7. Das Tier
8. Lunar Psychosis
9. Decades Of Nihilism
10. Black Dominion Era
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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