Atrocity - Let War Rage

American Death/Grind Atrocity (not to be confused with the German band) are back after a very long break, 17 years in fact between full albums. Back in 1992 and earlier, these Americans were mentioned in the same breath as Repulsion and Terrorizer, but fast forward all those years and has anything changed?

Well, honestly, not really. ‘Let War Rage’ loses a lot of their grind roots (although they are still there in the latter stages of the album) and favours the raw death assault similar to their second album ‘The Art of Death’. I did expect something a little bit beefier in terms of the production, but still the fast paced arrangements blast by and serve to stir your senses one more time. Perhaps 48 minutes plus is a little long for this sort of album, I got bored mid-way, but after numerous spins, it comes under the okay pile. Atrocity are clearly still very much influenced by the Autopsy/Death sound, especially evident on the opening track ‘Born in Pain’ and ‘I Will Shed Blood’. The grind assault comes with ‘The Purge of Humanity’, what a breath of fresh air this turns out to be. The latter part of the album tends to give you more of a motivation to go with this record, more grind from the bands arrangements gives you that little burst of energy you needed. There is nothing clever or technical about this approach, or in fact on the whole album, it’s a solid release, but unfortunately lacks to kick in the ass to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd, I was expecting more.

1. Born In Pain
2. Spineless
3. I Will Shed Blood
4. The Rotting (Cold In The veins)
5. Swallow The Lies
6. Reduced To Shit
7. Witness The Genocide
8. Human Bomb
9. Winds Of Famine
10. Bludgeoned To Death
11. Let War Rage
12. Horrendous Cutthroat System (cover Sore Throat)
13. Apocalypse
14. The Purging Of Humanity
15. Death Factories (Raised For Slaughter)
16. Ulcers
17. Survived On Piss (instrumental)
18. Untitled (intrumental)

Mad Lion Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 20, 2010

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