Attack Of Rage - Grindpeace

The Slovakians, Attack of Rage, have, in their CD GRINDPEACE, created a space for two hate-filled voices to duel through a whole recording. There are even a few instances of a third voice, a kind of schizophrenic anger effect, but I will leave that for now and just talk about the CD in general. These two voices go back and forth right after each other and the result is a work of great dark tension that plays out over fast skin pounding, heavy guitars, and a smooth bass line that accompanies in such a complimentary way.
I love CDs that open with people screaming as much as the next guy, and Attack of rage does this one well in that the voices are quietly screaming mixed in the recording layer under a sort of smooth high ambience. Then the drums smack for like half a measure to change the pitch and everything blasts out. The second track, “Sick Religion,” exhibits the drums as simultaneously death core and comfortable with slowing down while the guitars fills out the aural space and sets up the track ending moments in which a fourth voice, one that is sounds like a hollow thin windy growl, closes the track perfectly. That third voice I mentioned above makes it appearance on the title track, “Grindpeace,” just after the halfway point. The third voice is the guttural voice par excellence. It not only shows the vocal dexterity of the singer but also adds that much more metal texture to an already heavy and engaging track. The whole album runs this way. Those third and fourth voices in the art-schizophrenic persona do not enter the stage in most tracks but GRINDPEACE is heavy, pinches tight spaces at just the right corners to layer the music over the whole CD, and results overall in an entire death core experience.

1. Dezorientacia
2. Sick Religion
3. Destrukcia
4. Grindpeace
5. Sluzb
6. Na Kolenach
7. Anomal Animal
8. Bratia Doterni
9. Mrtvi
10. Improvizujem
Grodhaisn Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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