Atvena's Wake - Hermetica

Atvena's Wake is a young band (average age of the six members is between and 18 and 19) and coming all the way from Australia. Originially formed in late 2006 and it took them one year to come with their first demo "Looks Like Tragedy". Followed one year later with the recording of their professional debut release "Hermetica" on Sovereign Records, which are helping australian bands.

Like I said the guys in the band are young and they are with six of them. Taking this in the back of your mind it is not so strange that they play contemporary (modern) metal. Almost all metal genre and styles are already invented and most likely the six all have different taste but are not thinking with borders. They take from almost every style something and blend everything together into a strong and solid track. You will will death, thrash, black, prog or hardcore. Not only musically but also the vocals are bend into these styles. Screaming, grunting or clean vocals. Atvena's Wake does it all and wrap the songs hermetically.

Do all these styles blended together make this debut good or bad. Well, for me it does both sides. On one hand it is nice to hear that they build the some with all this, even with nice guitar leads, catchy melodies and grooves. But on the other hand the clean singing is annoying, you loose track in the songs and maybe it is all too much in each song. What is does for you you can decide by visiting their site but that these young musicians have potential is obvious. I think we will hear of them in the future and maybe they should focus on not too many styles and influences in their songs.

1. This Misconception Undefined
2. Blood Countess
3. Make It Look Like Hell
4. Sands Through The Hourglass
5. A Hero's Holocaust
6. What Was A Morning Sky

Sovereign Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 1, 2010

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