Aura - Scenario II

Aura is dead and long live Scenario II. Can you follow? Well, Aura exists for a decade or so but not very productive. They decided to make a fresh re-start with new bandmembers under the name of Scenario II. This explains the title of this relfreleased album. Aura plays melodic death/thrash metal in the Gothenburg style. Expect up tempo songs with various tempo changes. Vocals that grunt or some clean pasage and keyboards in the back for atmospheric elements. Guitars are doing nice riffing with some hook melodies. Unfortunately no leads as a venomous touch. Drums are a bit mixed in the back but do an adequate job. Nice album but we will have to see what Scenario II comes up with. Take a preview at their site and listen to some songs.

1. Scenario II
2. Hallowed
3. Away
4. Strike Pain
5. Limbo Inc Amnesia (part 1)
6. Scars Of Sorrow
7. Bleeding The Tears
8. Nocturnal
9. C4
10. The Aeon Strangers (part 1)
11. Cassiopeia To Unravel
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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