Aurora Borealis - WorldShapers

Aurora Borealis has finally released another record. The follow up to "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything", is called "WorldShapers". Ron Vento (vocals and guitars) and his crew never disappoint and this album picks right up where "Timeline" left off.

First to note is the production on this album. It’s sounds crystal clear, with no instrument overpowering and burying the rest of the band. The guitars take center stage, but don’t drown out the bass or kick drums. The vocals are at a level that allows notes and tempos to compliment lyrics instead of words being beaten down by the instruments. If you’re looking for an album where you can pick out your instrument of choice or just listen to the story told by the lyrics this is how it should be done.

Musically the album is chock full of metal. It has great sweeping guitar riffs, blast beats that make your pulse race, and complimenting bass guitar. It isn’t just one-dimensional though, there is a great mix of tempo throughout. It’s not blast beat after blast beat, but a nice mix of groove and mid tempos. Sure the opening track, “God Like Redemption” blasts right out of the gate, but later on “This Is The Way They Choose to Die” dials the pace back a bit. Even the title track doesn’t drag you along at warp speed the entire track, there are nice breaks to catch your breath and enjoy the grooves before the pace picks up again. Then there are the catchy riffs and tempo of “The Oldest of Dilemmas.” Goddamn that intro is badass!

Aurora Borealis fits right in as black/death metal. Regardless of it the band accepts that label, their albums have the blazing speeds, blistering guitar solos, and heaviness demanded by death metal fans. At the same time their songs have a bit more to say and tell a story with an audible, and discernable vocal delivery that should appease the most metal fans in general.

Aurora Borealis have been around for a while, and with hopefully will keep putting out albums. There was talk about remixing some of their older albums, which would be awesome! This band, their older albums or this newest effort, Worldshapers, isn’t hard to recommend to anyone who is into metal. It’s a solid album that can be listened to beginning to end, or popped in to play a few tracks. For fans of the band, this is a must have, for first time listeners this is a solid album to get you hooked.


  1. In The Beginning
  2. God Like Redemption
  3. World Shapers
  4. Induced Mutation
  5. The Oldest Of Dilemmas
  6. Watchers From Above
  7. This Is The Way They Choose To Die
  8. A Subtle Way To Eradicate Them
  9. Silent War
  10. And To The Stars Returned