Aus Der Transzendenz - Breed Of A Dying Sun

Yet another entity turns up among the more avant-garde, mystical side of Black Metal. Aus Der Transzendenz hails from Austria and debuts with a brief, but rather enigmatic piece of dissonant music that echoes of bands like Xasthur or Dodecahedron while still retaining a violent Black Metal base sound. Not as experimental as its compatriots, the music still keeps that same aura of twisted ambiance that makes it terrifying and attractive at the same time. Opening with "A Dream Of Ghosts" listeners are greeted by dissonant, churning guitars with the vocals a bit faded out into the background like a howling ghost (this can make it somewhat hard to hear throughout the album which can be an issue) and the drums which sound pretty crystal clear compared to everything else when they're banging away. One thing that Der Transzendenz tends to struggle with is making softer moments for the ambiance to show when for the most part the track, and many others to follow, just rages on and on non stop without any moments for a breathing room or any spooky sections of guitar or vocals to really embellish the darker side of the music. Usually they will just take off on the traditional Black Metal vein but with such a distorted sound it just doesn't exactly suit the tone overall.

On other tracks like "A Pathway To Rebirth" the band does a much better job at embracing ambiance. There are sole guitar, buzzing passages and whispers which help bring out the mystical side and even some clean vocals thrown in for harmonic effect- still faded and distorted- but it helps bring up the music to its avant-garde expectations. "The Secret Revealed" does its best at showing a whole new side of Transzendenz because it goes from being flatly chaotic to almost upbeat with the way the riffs are constructed, and when adding in the clean vocals there is a whole new aspect of 'Post Metal' within the Black metal side. However, even with these little atmospheric bits, overall the music still feels like pretty basic distorted Black Metal. There is a predictable pattern going back and forth between tracks as they switch from heavy to slightly less heavy, and even in between the music tends to just fade out and pick up into the next track; sometimes it works such as between "Hymns Of Ruin" and "Secret Revealed," but other times like on "A Pathway To Rebirth" it cuts off abruptly and less smoothly. Still, for those who like the more dissonant side of Black Metal 'Breed Of A Dying Sun' will pique interest, though the title of the album and the lyrics are a lot more mystical than the music conveys most of the time.

  1. A Dream Of Ghosts
  2. A Pathway To Rebirth
  3. Breed Of A Dying Sun
  4. Hymns Of Ruin
  5. The Secret Revealed