Austhral - Tocado A Vento

So, here is the first full-length album I’m reviewing for BRUTALISM. This album is coming from the Brazilian band Austhral. They claim they have tried to create a unique sound with their band. I can already say they haven’t succeeded in creating that unique sound. What I can tell is that they have succeeded making a quite decent debut album, “Tocado A Vento”. I have no idea what the hell this means, I leave that to the Brazilian people.

The music I can understand. Austhral mixes Black- and Folk Metal and they do it quite good. Not much innovative, but it listens away very nicely. Simple but effective drumming. Good riffing (however far from original), which is mostly midtempo, and melodic keyboards all over the disc. Good vocals, mid pitched grunts and some higher screams. The production is nothing to complain about, very clean and audible. The biggest problem is that the songs aren’t very catchy, it doesn’t stick around and I’m afraid I won’t listen to this a lot after I’ve heard it a few times.

Overall this is a decent, but nothing more than decent debut album.

1. Forgotten Fields
2. Ruinland
3. Foresta Dell'Ombra
4. The River's Farm
5. Conquered Nature
6. Sacred
7. Secret Cave
8. Tocada Ao Vento
9. September
10. The Horn's First Sound
Face The Abyss Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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