Avenger - Bohemian Dark Metal

Avenger may very well have the worst album title this year. It sounds more like a genre designation than an album title. That said, what Avenger lacks in titling prowess they make up for it in spades with their musical talent. This latest album, Bohemian Dark Metal, released on Deathgasm Records is a great piece of dark, snarling metal from depths only known to these Czechs.

Vitej Zpatky Doma starts off the album as a harrowing declaration and unfurls into something much more sinister sounding. We then witness the fury turned up to ten on the next cut, Fales A Apatie. There is no shortage of mania on this album, but the overriding feel is one of embracing that which is hidden from you and beneath the well-lit surface. This album is all about putting everything in a dark recess and doing everything to branch that void out wider and wider, and at the same time bring a satisfaction of fulfillment to it.

All of the eight tracks are all standouts for one reason or another, be it the unnerving soundscape of “Kledme, Plamen Duše!” or the massive trudging behemoth that is the closing track, “Dark Metal”. This album is a wonderful example of intelligently arranged and performed extreme music. I got lost in it quite a few times listening to it and intend to make it a daily habit for some time to come.


1. Vitej Zpatky Doma... U Krajine Smutku A Beznadeje
2. Fales A Apatie
3. Dusevni Chirurgie
4. Vstric Dalkam
5. Umirani Zivotem
6. Z Jeho Krve
7. Kledme, Plamen Duse!
8. Dark Metal

Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 18, 2012

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