Avulsed - Yearning For The Grotesque

Avulsed has always been one of my fav death metal bands. They manage to make songs that are loaded with brutality but have good attention to melodic breaks and great guitarleads. Even using an exotic kind of instrument in track 3. Dave's vocals are deep and brutal but still recognisable and understandable. Counting that the artwork is not standard, altough it is wrong assembled, brutal and melodic songs this is another prove that Avulsed is at the top of the death metal scene today! Must have.

1. Wormeaten
2. Devourer of the dead
3. Pale red blood
4. Sick sick sex
5. Daddy stew
6. I feel good... eating human flesh
7. Foetivorous marriage
8. Morbid chef
9. Cadaver decapitado
10. Decrepit sigh
Avantgarde Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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