Axecatcher - Sparks & Spears

Axecatcher are capable of using momentum build-ups within their four track EP titled 'Sparks & Spears'. These build ups make the more well known hardcore bands look like absolute pussies in comparison. Despite the EP lacking in length, it definitely makes itself heard by the thrill-seeking music that it rewards us with.

Starting track 'Circle Pit Roller Derby' probably gets the mosh pits started with ease, although only two minutes in length this brute of a hardcore anthem has enough fighting force to get anyone involved at a live show. Punching from there is 'Seismic Toss' - again powering through hardcore belting vocals, punky thrash riffs backed up by great production enabling Axecatcher to gain supreme results from this EP. Although lyrically it's difficult to understand what the vocalist is saying, yet that hasn't stopped a hardcore fan from liking the music before.

'Youfinder', the final track amongst the EP is also my personal favourite. Whether that be the help of it's dramatic length compared to the previous tracks, or whether its just that the track kicks so much ass in terms of being better than most hardcore music in today's scene. The band's attitude towards hardcore is heart-warming, and with the combined efforts of thrash and punk, an escalated variety will soon blossom from this band.

Axecatcher follow in the veins of Converge and Trash Talk, yet stick to a modern punk attack that bands such as UK upcommers Polar are capable of. Just give it time and these lads will soon be more heard throughout, all they seem to need is that little push to get them started and I could guarantee from then on all hell will break loose.

1. Circle Pit Roller Derby
2. Seismic Toss
3. Methuselah
4. Youfinder