Axxis - Paradise In Flames

This German band already exists for 15 years and still is doing what they did in the beginning. Playing catchy pop metal songs. Choruslines done with multiple persons, stamp rhythms, metal riffs with leads etc etc. All the cliche heavy metal is passing by and it is totally not trigger me anymore.

1. Dance With The Dead (radio version)
2. Lady Moon (radio version)
3. Paradise In Flames (Intro)
4. Dance With The Dead
5. Tales Of Glory Island
6. Take My Hand, 5. Will God Remember Me
7. Talisman
8. Don `t Leave Me
9. Lady Moon
10. Ice Wind
11. Stay By Me
12. Gods Of Rain
13. Passion For Rock
AFM Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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