Azure - King Of Stars - Bearer Of Dark

Azure is a two piece metal band offering their souls to fantasy in general. Founded in 1995 and now releasing their 2nd full length on Pulverised Records. 8 Long tracks of fast tempo with numerous breaks and bridges. Not afraid to put some keyboards quite parts in the songs. Raw and thrashy vocalstyle, that get on my nerves after a while. Guitars are riffing the melodylines, the guitarsound could have been heavier and lower in sound. The drums are using the double bassdrum frequently in the changing rhythms and tempos. Conclusion is that the album is oke, not worldshocking but oke.

1. Greeting Chaos
2. Dead Men's Shadow Flickering
3. The Lake Of Death (Magnion)
4. Whispers Of Echoes Passed
5. Selene. The Spirit
6. Shadows In Midark
7. The Storm (Hill Of Heimad)
8. King Of Stars. Bearer Of Dark
Pulverised Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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