B.A.R.- Murderers

The name B.A.R. sounds nice but it means something different than you would expect. B.A.R. stands for Brutal Analise Da Realidade. And that means something like Brutal Analises of Reality. They come from Brazil and play grindcore pur sang. Screamy and brutal vocals, heavy guitarriffing and hard drumming. The songs are short and full of energy. Most of the time tempo is high with some faster accelerations. Also the moshparts are add into the tunes. A short demo that deals with the shits of daily life but gives a good escape with these 7 songs as track 3 only lasts 9 secs.

1. Kill And Die For Murderers
2. Toy Of War
3. Culture Of Hate
4. Human Rag
5. Conceitos De Merda
6. Chaotic Existence
7. About Empire Laws
8. Impunity Ascension
Malignant Art
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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