Background Noise Suppression - Dead Memories

Background Noise Suppression is an alternative rock band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2005. They released their debut single "Made Out Of Ocean" in 2006. Their first full length "Background Noise Suppression" (Petrol Music) was released in 2013 and "Dead Memories" (Alcyone Records - 2020) is their second full length.

Background Noise Suppression have shared the stage, as a support act, with bands like New Model Army, Savage Republic, The Wedding Present, and No Age.

The same titled 'Dead Memories' is the opening song of the album. The dominant new wave bass line, the sweetness of the guitar chords and licks and the full of angst and romanticism vocals worked like a time machine for me. I was landed in the 80's and my soundtrack were bands like The Cheepskates, and The Cure. Ride were watching the scene because the band's sound has something of the 90's power pop/ indie/ alternative as well.

The fragile melodies of 'True Boy' are a self reflecting mirror. The sadness of the vocals is so very nostalgic! The lead part took me back to the "Wish" period of The Cure with that sweet distortion/ wah/ delay combination and those eerie vocals.

'Kelly Wants The World Upside Down' is the first single of the album. With a bass line straight out of a Smiths' album and many memorable themes, this is a song you can immediately relate to. A song that would work really well in a pub.

'Killing Me Happy' is a groovier song with obvious 90's British rock influences. The nicely worked synth melodies and the guitar crescendo give it an uplifting mood, although it basically remains a new wave song.

'Drink The Stars' starts with a dark bass line. The psychedelic guitar licks and the saddened vocals of the song reminded me of the darkest moments of The Cure in their albums "The Head On The Door" and "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me", which both are magnificent!

'In Tear With Love' offers the pumping energy you need after a song like 'Drink The Stars'. It's alternative mood makes it familiar to someone like me who lived in the 90's. The repeated riff and the phrases used are very close to what rock music was in the 90's. You could actually listen to such themes almost in every cafe/ club.

'Primitive' shows the post punk side of the band while remaining in their style. Nervous bass and drums a-la Joy Division, spastic Christian Death guitar licks and post punk vocals complete the scenery.

'Underground End' has a steady groove reminding of The Sound, another excellent band of the 80's that those unfamiliar with have to check out. The melodies are beyond great. The deeply emotional vocals are heartbreaking, and this is another beautiful song.

The closing track 'Big Bright Burning' resumes the whole album's alternative/ post-punk/ new wave attitude. At the fastest post punk rhythmic parts, a Sonic Youth aura spreads over and I highly appreciate it.

Background Noise Suppression is not metal. But who cares when their music is so great and with such a nice attitude? Maybe some people will reject them for not being metal, but I am sure that those who will give it a try and listen to "Dead Memories" with open ears, they will discover that Background Noise Suppression are influenced by the same bands as most gothic metal bands. Background Noise Suppression are honest, good musicians and they released a very nice album worth to check out.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Dead Memories
2. True Boy
3. Kelly Wants The World Upside Down
4. Killing Me Happy
5. Drink The Stars
6. In Tear With Love
7. Primitive
8. Underground End
9. Big Bright Burning