Bad Dreams Always - You Make Me Puke

Bad Dreams Always could be described as a band who, at most throughout their band cycle, do not take themselves, or the music they create seriously. Yet the mind boggles on whether these speed-core nutters are actually here to show us something groovy and new, or whether to entertain us with an interesting array of spastic hardcore that could actually be worth listening to.

The album 'You Make Me Puke' barely reaches a quarter of an hour in it's entire playthrough, even though consisting of twelve tracks. The theme, or genre in the album reigns of the punk kind. It's basically oldschool punk meets modern hardcore, but still at times cannot be taken as a serious effort. Perhaps for me it's just that there's barely a scene for such blends of genres anymore, maybe in the 80's this could of been something big, but for now it's just going to rot in the depths of my Itunes library.

The track with the most melody, that strives for something fresh is 'Everybody Knows Am A Scumbag'. It shocked me to actually enjoy this track more than the others - most likely due to it's longer lasting length and the vocals don't sound rushed, even if the vocalist does sound like a drunken busking lunatic.

'You Make Me Puke' tries to break the boundaries of too many genres at once. For example you will hear elements of the obvious punk and hardcore genres. But at times there'll also be minor influences of grindcore, and thrash metal. If the album stuck to one, or perhaps two genres instead of trying to be three bands in one then this album would of been more of a success in my own opinion. My criticism doesn't go without taking my hat off to the production value of the album, whereas shit loads of punk bands go for that horrible, cheap and nasty sound that for some reason they think sounds good... when it clearly doesn't.


  1. Cursed Custodian
  2. Arg Som Fan
  3. You Got To Burn In Heaven
  4. You Make Me Puke
  5. Red Gag
  6. Damn Profiteers All Hail To You
  7. Everybody Knows Am A Scumbag
  8. Lawemang
  9. D Brister
  10. Knytnave
  11. Tendons Degenerate
  12. Terrorist Violence



Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 26, 2012
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