Balatonizer - Occlused In Ottusity

Balatonizer comes from Italy and is playing "vulgar death grind". A statement made by themselves and comes close to their songs. Short explosions of aggression. Brutal vocals who ain't having lyrics, drumcomputer and slicing guitars. Songs that are eaten well, short, fast, goove, aggressive. Not the bloody full speed but variation and with interludes. This CD comes with a videotrack and great artwork made by the guitarist/drum programmer.

1. Intro
2. Muscular Prevarication
3. Corporal Usurpation
4. Ciccio Tagliavia
5. Brutal Devastation
6. Caimme
7. Anfame
8. CEP
9. Petra Lavica Etnea
10. Abomination of Triviality
11. Diabolos
12. Occlubinated Eyes Convergence
13. Scacciatieista
14. Pulverization after Intimidation
15. Inebetit
16. Eaten
17. Cerebral Regression
18. Gutteral Satisfaction
19. Macabrotic Poetry
20. Microscopic Brain
21. From the Obsolation to the Obeteration
22. Putrification of the Mind
23. A’cinta no!
24. Sbigottit
25. Primitivity 46
26. Reborn in Ignorance
27. Se So Sa
28. Sucaman
29. Ottenebrated Perseveration through Mental Disorder
30. Occlused in Ottusity
31. Anal by Anal
32. Tristeza

Muscular prevarication videoclip
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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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