Bangalore Choir – Cadence

David Reece and Drummer Rusty Miller formed this band in 1990 in LA, this all happened of course after David Reece had sung and recorded on Accept’s ill-fated ‘Eat The Heat’ Album in 1989. Fan’s would often ask David about Bangalore Choir (who released ‘On Target’ in 1991/2 to critical acclaim), a band that suits David’s vocal style to that of changing the style of a classic heavy metal band, so in 2010, here we are, a new label and a new release. The future looks bright, many live dates have been scheduled for later this year in support of the album, whilst being on the lighter side of hard rock and metal, ‘Cadence’ is certainly an infectious listen on my part, hardly leaving my CD player in the last few weeks.

‘Power Trippin’ immediately rocks into life, revellers of David Coverdale and Danny Vaughn style of vocals will no doubt recognise the similarities. It’s simple, straight to the point, with songs in mind, no major riffing, just heads down arrangements with memorable vocal lines and guitar melodies and a perfect crystal clear production. Add the stunning artwork, could this be a future classic or will it fall between the cracks? One hopes not. ‘Martyr’ and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ continue the AOR rock styling, please don’t dismiss straight away, what about all those classic albums in the 80’s from say Whitesnake, Valentine and Spread Eagle and the many imitators that grew out of the need for an MTV video (and big hair!!!). You do not have cookie monster vocals, grimacing face painted individuals with overtly satanic lyrics, but what you may miss from those loves, Bangalore Choir give maturity and top quality tunes. ‘Sweet Temptation’ is cheesy, its brash, bold and could easily be a big budget movie soundtrack from the golden age of rock and metal, key changes, relevant riffs and licks, the bible of how to write classic tunes is definitely been adhered too here.

Bangalore Choir aim their music at the more sedate, the more mature music fan, who has an appreciation for music released prior to the grunge explosion. AOR and hard rock music still exists and still proves that you don’t need a shovel of gore or satanic messages to get your point across. ‘Cadence’ is simply a classic rock album, a very pleasant listen, depending on your music taste. The lyrics from ‘Survival of the Fittest’ speak volumes, “When generations mix, we remain transfixed…suffocate the critics…it’s survival of the fittest”. Welcome back, enjoy the ride.

AOR Heaven
Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Sep 2, 2010

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Bangalore Choir – Cadence


1. Wahzoo City (intro)
2. Power Trippin’
3. Martyr
4. Living Your Dreams Everyday
5. Survival of the Fittest
6. Tomorrow
7. Heart Attack & Vine
8. Still have A Song to sing
9. Dig Deep
10. Never say Goodbye
11. Sweet Temptation
12. High on the Clouds
13. Spirits Too They Bleed
14. Surrender All Your Love

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