Barbarella - Neon City

Gotta love Barbarella! Stoner Rock straight from the Netherlands that will keep you feelling chill yet still leaving in that sense of danger, that anything could happen next or hmm maybe nothing at all (: "Neon City" is deffinately on the edge and even though this album is kinda raw and rough on the edges it suits the style. I love the fact that the featured tracks are not long playing, in fact this 6 track album is all over in roughly alittle over 20 min. These short tracks do manage to get alot across in diversity and variety of riffs, beats and vocal styles throughout each song. Not totally oringinal though, Barbarells with "Neon City" still does manage to pull through on some tracks with a sound that they can call their own and have found a good way of blending the old rock of others into their individual style and with keeping it all short mange not to bore the listener or end up sounding repetitive. I think that "Neon City" is a great debut album and is fun summertime listening. This EP had lots of groove and I give it a 4/5.

1. Monobeep

2. Had Enough

3. Neon City

4. Sonic Nomad

5. Humble Stooge Hurricane

6. Take Me To Your Leader
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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