Barbarian Prophecies - War Is Inminent

From Spain is this Barbarian Prophecies with their second demo. They play a mixture of thrash and death metal. Brutal and screamy raw vocals, furious riffing with nice leads and thunderous drumming. Very aggressive and high on adrealine the short songs are thrown in. In what? Right in your fucing face! Tempo of the songs is high but with breaks to keep it recognizable and attractive. In the end it is a nice demo to listen to although they are not inventing something new. As a bonus you get a CDROM part with videoclip. Nice demo.

1. Satan's Desolation
2. Final Solution
3. The Murderer
4. Cannibal
5. Kill the Posser
6. The Answer
7. Alcoholic Massacre
8. Conquerors of the Wolfthrone
9. Machiavellian (Live)

CDROM + Videoclip
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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