Baroness - The Red Album

Debut Release for Relapse Records from Baroness who hail from Savannah, Georiga. The Red Album is a collection of incredible material that is heavy, intrancing, and melodic. Furious and Heavy, loaded with that dirty sound that we all know and love! This release has catapaulted this bands to instant success, blending elements of 70s classic and psycadelic rock and taking it to the next platue. You will be overwhelmed by the emotional soundscapes produced from this band, full of soul, wonder, and haunting melodies. This is an instant classic. Recommended!

1. Rays On Pinion
2. The Birthing
3. Isak
4. Wailing Wintry Wind
5. Wanderlust
6. Cockroach En Fleur
7. Aleph
8. Teeth Of A Cogwheel
9. Grad
10. O'appalachia
11. Untitled
Relaspe Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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