Basilisk - End Of Catastrophe

Basilisk is good old death metal laced with black in a depressive aura, erupting from Nagoya Japan in 1997. This most unholy trinity consists of: Takayuki - vocal/guitars, Takuya - bass/vocal and Itorki on drums.

Their 2013 release "End Of Catastrophe" is very horror influenced filled with hellish riffs, monstrous drumming and very deep throated growling (lyrics in Japanese). All coming together here in a very nice little package fit for a demonic atmosphere of brutal gloom not bad for this band's first full length album.

What I really love with this album is that it is rough on the edges, raw yet still maintains a good overall balance throughout. There is a great flow from each track to the next and never is there a boring moment. I would say that this album is colorful in the sense that there is a lot going on all at once yet it remains old school and true without crossing over to becoming too technical or over produced - not at all.

If I have to pick at what the downside of this album would be for me personally is that I love each of this album's tracks equally, there is no one track that stands out above the rest. All is super consistent which is good yet there is no pop out in your face factor and again do not get me wrong for I totally love this work and just felt that I needed to add here a taste of a critical view.

This is a serious album that is fun to listen to and am sure these tracks would be just as entertaining to experience at a live show. A lot of chaotic melody here and I love the cover art. "End Of Catastrophe" is a great experience which I highly recommend.

1. Sign Of Baptism
2. In Most Septile
3. Diabolical My Dark & Muddy Stream
4. Suffer From Hallucination
5. Stained With Deepred
6. Fathomless Depth Crimson Dawn
7. Bethel Bleed
8. Nosferatu
9. Lost Dimension
10. Black Storm